Today Earth hosts the closest New Moon of 2011

The new moon, or dark of the moon can pull  us inward, opening higher than usual waves of feelings and intuition. Can you can find a quiet place of stillness to plant seeds of hope, joy and possibilities for this coming lunar cycle?

Reconnecting with Nature’s rhythm invites weaving science and imagination–birthing entirely new ways of knowing. Alone, either one seems incomplete.

So I appreciate understanding more about the facts about today’s new moon. Maybe you will too. Earth Sky []: A clear voice for science, explains their high tide alert.

Today — October 26 — features the closest new moon of 2011. Look for higher-than-usual tides along coastlines throughout the world.

Because it crosses the sky with the sun during the day, you can’t see today’s extra-close new moon. Yet it will usher in large tides along the ocean coastlines for the next several days, especially if these high tides are accompanied by strong onshore winds.
Why is this moon so close? The reason is that the 2011 October new moon falls on the same date as perigee — the moon’s closest approach to Earth for this month. At perigee today, the moon lies only 221,862 miles (357,052 kilometers) away. Earlier this month, the moon had swung to apogee — its farthest point for the month — on October 12. At that time, it was 252,546 miles (406,434 kilometers) distant.



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